PANOS has a Python interface called pan-python. Anyway, for some feature like sending multiple commands, Netmiko would be a best choice. That’s why having Netmiko installed in your working box is a prerequisite.

netmiko >= 0.5.0

Replacing Configuration

Only configuration files are supported with load_replace_candidate. It must be a full XML file. Due to the OS nature, at this time we don’t support a replace using a configuration string.

Merging Configuration

Only configuration strings/lists are supported with load_merge_candidate. It can be a string or a list of strings in set-format. Due to the OS nature and the NAPALM structure, at this time we don’t support a merge using a configuration file because it’d need additional parameters. This may be supported in the future.

Atomic Changes

Changes are atomic only when performing a configuration replace, since it’s done with a single command.