Minimum IOS-XR OS Version

Only devices running IOS-XR 7.0 or later are supported by NAPALM and the IOS-XR NETCONF driver.

Device management using XML Configuration

Using iosxr_netconf and a config_encoding="xml" for NAPALM configuration operations is entirely experimental. There is a very good chance XML configurations will not work properly and that only small subsections of the configuration will be configurable using merge operations.

Device management using CLI Configuration

All configuration methods (load_merge_candidate, load_replace_candidate, get_config, compare_config) support configuration encoded in XML and CLI (unstructured) format. This can be specified by using the config_encoding optional_args argument and setting it to either cli or xml (cli is the default value).

Retrieving device environment

In IOS-XR 64-bit devices that support an administration mode, the proper operation of get_environment requires that the iosxr_netconf driver session is authenticated against a username defined in that administration mode.