Minimum Version

To be able to support the compare_config, load_merge_candidate or load_replace_candidate methods you will require to run at least EOS version 4.15.0F.

The ssh driver for the config session timers requires you to run at least EOS 4.18.0F.


EOS configuration is loaded via pyeapi.eapilib.Node.run_commands(), which by itself cannot handle multi-line commands such as banner motd. The helper function EOSDriver._load_config() will attempt to detect HEREDOC commands in the input configuration and convert them into a dictionary that eAPI understands


The rollback feature is supported only when committing from the API. In reality, what the API does during the commit operation is as follows:

copy startup-config flash:rollback-0

And the rollback does:

configure replace flash:rollback-0

This means that the rollback will be fine as long as you only use this library. If you are going to do changes outside this API don’t forget to mark your last rollback point manually.