Full installation

If you want to fully install NAPALM you can do it by executing:

pip install napalm

That will install all the drivers currently available.

Partial Installation

If you want to install just a subset of the available modules you can just pick them as follows:

pip install napalm-eos napalm-junos

That will install only the eos and the junos drivers. If you want to remove or add a module later on you can just use pip to do it:

pip uninstall napalm-junos
pip install napalm-ios

Check the [‘Supported Network Operating Systems’]( section for more information about supported modules.


We plan to upgrade napalm as fast as possible. Adding new methods and bugfixes. To upgrade napalm it’s as simple as repeating the steps you performed while installing but adding the -U flag. For example:

pip install napalm -U


pip install napalm-eos napalm-junos -U


Althought dependencies for the transport libraries are solved by pip, on some operating systems there are some particular requirements: