Full installation

You can install napalm with pip:

pip install napalm

That will install all the core drivers currently available.


Beginning with release 4.0.0 and later, NAPALM offers support for Python 3.7+ only.


Beginning with release 3.0.0 and later, NAPALM offers support for Python 3.6+ only.

OS Package Managers

Some execution environments offer napalm through a system-level package manager. Installing with pip outside of a user profile or virtualenv/venv is inadvisable in these cases.


pkg install net-mgmt/py-napalm

This will install napalm and all drivers and dependencies for the default version(s) of python. To install for a specific version, python X.Y, if supported:

pkg install pyXY-napalm


Although dependencies for the transport libraries are solved by pip, on some operating systems there are some particular requirements: