The hackathon will be held online. We will use slack as the main communications channel, github to coordinate the work and hangouts for live presentations, which will be posted online on a youtube channel within the hour.

Check this link for more information regarding the slack channel, hangouts, youtube, etc..

IRL Gatherings

Apparently there is something called real life and people like to gather in groups, shocking, isn’t it? We will gather in some locations just for the sake of feeling the warmth of other human beings and probably have beer after a long day of hacking. This is completely optional and unofficial, although, if you want to host a physical meetup I will be happy to announce it here.

Known gatherings

  • London, UK:

    CloudFlare, 25 Lavington St, London SE1 0NZ
    Contact: Mircea, @mirceaulinic (slack), tel: +447427735256
  • New York, NY, United States:

    Network to Code (WeWork location), 315 W. 36th, NY
    Contact: Jason Edelman  (jason@networktocode.com) or jedelman8 on Slack and Twitter
  • San Francisco, CA, United states:

    Contact ktbyers@twb-tech.com for details
  • Krakow, Poland:

    Contact elisa@bigwaveit.org for details