Community DriversΒΆ

In addition to the core drivers, maintained by the NAPALM Core Developers, the community can always provide additional drivers. We welcome any submission, and new drivers will be hosted under the napalm-automation-community on GitHub. They can be seen as plugins for the base NAPALM framework, which is why each driver is maintained under its own repository.

Once a new driver is added under the named organisation, the user proposing it takes the entire responsibility to maintain. That includes:

  • Documentation

  • Fix bugs

  • Triage and manage issues

  • Review and merge Pull Requests

  • API compatibility with the core drivers

While everything is a best-effort of the volunteer, we highly encourage the community to avoid submitting drivers they are unable to maintain. We understand that personal and professional situations can change and we are not asking for an ever-lasting commitment but there should be some willingness to take some initial responsibility over it.

The core developers will provide you the tools and the methodologies to create a new driver, together with the associated documentation.

If there is high demand for a specific driver, and its maintainer proves they are able to commit to a continuous work on the long run, the driver can be promoted to be included into the core.